What is a Progressive, Liberal, Red Letter Christian?

In my case it is some one who follows the words of Jesus in the Bible…the ones in Red Letters in the KJV (King James Version)…I don’t follow the Law of Moses, I follow the Law of Christ…Instead of the 10 commandments I follow the Sermon on the Mount…Instead of following a single church or religious hierarchy I read and follow the Jesus in the Gospels (i.e.- Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) His words and actions are my road map to a godly life…As I go through the gospels I will explain what I believe and how I came to believe it, I firmly believe that if you don’t read the gospels for yourself and follow the teachings of Jesus you are lost because the so called “prosperity gospel” that has become fashionable in the last few decades and the “hellfire and brimstone” gospel of the puritanical Bible literalists are leading so many away from the Message Of Jesus…the true message of the New Testament.


2 thoughts on “What is a Progressive, Liberal, Red Letter Christian?

  1. Barbara Chapman says:

    Someone told me once to read just the words in red one time through so I did – what a totally different perspective you get when you read it that way!

    • mamablue63 says:

      This is why I left the Catholic Church for good at age 16…I was being taught so many things attributed to Jesus that there was no scriptural basis for.

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